Maximize Efficiency With Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

solar panels for commercial buildings

Solar panels can reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills at the same time. Renewable energy is the future. This is why it’s so important to invest in solar panels for commercial buildings around the country. Solar panels are the simplest way to start operating in a more environmentally friendly way. While solar panels are great to […]

How to Maximize Energy Production with an Enphase Solar System

enphase solar system

More than half of the new power-generating capacity in 2023 will be solar. Solar energy can be a significant asset for your organization. It can improve cash flow and protect against rising energy costs. A solar system can increase the value of your business. You can take advantage of tax credits and incentives. Installing an Enphase solar […]

Solar Panel Roof Installation And What Homeowners Should Know

Solar Panel Roof Installation

Are you considering installing solar panels on your roof? Solar energy is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. In this article, we will discuss the process of installing roof solar panels as well as the associated benefits and costs. What Are the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels on Your Roof? […]

Commonly Asked Questions: How Long Does it Take To Install Solar Panels

how long does it take to install solar panels

Solar panels can be a great way to introduce more sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy into your property. However, if you are considering installing solar panels on your property, you may ask yourself, “how long does it take to install solar panels?” In addition, you may wonder how you can plan for this major installation process. […]

Cost and Benefits of Installing a Grid-Tied Solar System with Battery Backup

rid tied solar system with battery backup

A grid-tied solar system, also known as a grid-connected or grid-interactive solar system, is a type of solar power system connected to the electrical grid. This means that any excess energy the system produces is sent back to the grid. The system also draws power from the grid as needed. The solar panels convert sunlight […]

Why Commercial Solar Battery Storage is Vital in the Winter

commercial solar battery storage

The amount of power gathered from solar energy worldwide increased over 300-fold from 2000 to 2019.  As the world moves towards more solar energy, storing solar batteries is vital for ensuring you have a constant energy supply. For example, cold temperatures and climates can affect commercial solar battery storage.   So, this article will walk you through the […]

6 Industrial Solar Energy Systems Advantages for Business

industrial solar energy systems advantages for business

Have you thought about investing in a solar energy system for your business? You’re not alone. The US already receives 13.5% of its energy from renewables, which is a dramatic improvement in recent years.  Without a doubt, solar is the easiest way to get started, and it can offer plenty of unique benefits. Let’s talk about some […]

A Financing Guide for Commercial Solar Panels

commercial solar financing

Did you know that solar systems cost sixty percent less than they did a decade ago? Even though solar systems are cheaper than they used to be, they still don’t come cheap. In fact, it might cost tens of thousands of dollars to put them on your business, school, or institution. Fortunately, there are different ways that […]

How to Prepare Your Commercial and Residential Solar Panels for the Winter

commercial and residential solar panels

Winter’s coming, and with it will come snow, sleet, freezing temperatures, and everything that entails. As you might expect, these elements could have a negative impact on your commercial and residential solar panels.  This is why you need to supply your commercial and residential solar panels with maintenance. How do you get your home’s solar panels ready […]

Crossroads Solar Facility Tour

Some of our Huston Solar team had the unique opportunity to tour Crossroads Solar Facility in South Bend, Indiana this past month. Crossroads Solar fabricates solar modules right here in Indiana. Pat Regan, the founder and CEO, was very welcoming and attentive during our visit. Our team had previously met Pat as he came to […]