Do Solar Panels Need Direct Sunlight? Find Out the Answer Here!

do solar panels need direct sunlight

In a world that is increasingly focused on renewable energy, solar panels are a frequent topic of conversation. But here’s something you might not know: Even without basking in direct sunlight all day, solar panels can still churn out significant amounts of energy. Isn’t that astounding? So, you might be pondering the question, “do solar […]

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Solar Battery Storage

Pros and Cons of Solar Battery Storage

When a system of solar panels captures UV rays, it holds them for just a short time and uses them to power the electrical system to which it’s attached. The issue with this is that, once the sun goes down, the solar panels aren’t able to collect additional sunlight, and therefore aren’t able to provide […]

What Is a Solar Panel Pergola?

solar panel pergola

According to a recent report, about 40% of the energy used in the U.S. each year is utilized by commercial buildings. It’s why so many American businesses have started to embrace solar energy like never before. Solar energy can help companies save money. It can also help them reduce their carbon footprint and show people they’re making […]

Do You Need Permits for Solar Panels?

Are you looking to save money on energy costs for your commercial property? If so, you might be considering installing solar panels. That raises the question, however: do you need permits for solar panels, or can you just install them whenever you like? In the vast majority of cases, you do, indeed, need a permit […]

Passive Vs Active Solar Energy: Property Implications

passive vs active solar energy

As a commercial property manager, making smart decisions about your building’s energy consumption is essential to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. With the rise of sustainable practices, one solution that stands out is solar energy. But did you know there are two primary strategies for harnessing the sun’s power? Enter passive and active solar energy […]

Smart Energy Choices: Commercial Solar Battery Storage for Your Business

commercial solar battery storage

Did you know that businesses can save up to 75% on their electricity bills by investing in commercial solar battery storage systems? These systems help businesses store and use solar energy more efficiently, reducing their reliance on the grid and cutting costs. At Huston Solar, we’re committed to providing our local communities with efficient solar solutions for […]

Can Solar Panels Be Installed on a Metal Roof?

Can Solar Panels Be Installed on a Metal Roof

A new solar project was installed in the United States every 44 seconds in 2022, highlighting the immense demand for solar panels. To date, more than 142 GW of solar capacity has been installed, with plans for an additional 500 GW over the next 10 years. It is estimated that by 2030, around 15% of U.S. properties […]

Industrial Solar Energy Systems Advantages for Business

Industrial Solar Energy Systems Advantages for Business

There are numermous industrial solar energy systems advantages for businesss. As the world becomes more conscious of the environment, many businesses are starting to realize the benefits of adopting sustainable practices. One such practice is the installation of industrial solar energy systems. These systems utilize the power of the sun to generate electricity, providing numerous […]

Maximize Efficiency With Solar Panels for Commercial Buildings

solar panels for commercial buildings

Solar panels can reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills at the same time. Renewable energy is the future. This is why it’s so important to invest in solar panels for commercial buildings around the country. Solar panels are the simplest way to start operating in a more environmentally friendly way. While solar panels are great to […]

How to Maximize Energy Production with an Enphase Solar System

enphase solar system

More than half of the new power-generating capacity in 2023 will be solar. Solar energy can be a significant asset for your organization. It can improve cash flow and protect against rising energy costs. A solar system can increase the value of your business. You can take advantage of tax credits and incentives. Installing an Enphase solar […]