A Financing Guide for Commercial Solar Panels

commercial solar financing

Did you know that solar systems cost sixty percent less than they did a decade ago? Even though solar systems are cheaper than they used to be, they still don’t come cheap. In fact, it might cost tens of thousands of dollars to put them on your business, school, or institution. Fortunately, there are different ways that […]

How to Prepare Your Commercial and Residential Solar Panels for the Winter

commercial and residential solar panels

Winter’s coming, and with it will come snow, sleet, freezing temperatures, and everything that entails. As you might expect, these elements could have a negative impact on your commercial and residential solar panels.  This is why you need to supply your commercial and residential solar panels with maintenance. How do you get your home’s solar panels ready […]

Crossroads Solar Facility Tour

Some of our Huston Solar team had the unique opportunity to tour Crossroads Solar Facility in South Bend, Indiana this past month. Crossroads Solar fabricates solar modules right here in Indiana. Pat Regan, the founder and CEO, was very welcoming and attentive during our visit. Our team had previously met Pat as he came to […]

Huston Solar Installs 1st Enphase Energy Battery System in Indiana

“Many years ago, when we first started looking at solar, our purpose was to continue our goal of caring for our planet.We live in a rural area, have a well for water, and heat with wood.However, we were still ‘on the grid’ for electricity.We spoke with several companies before we decided to move forward with […]

Huston Solar Installs Solar Array For WKOA Lafayette She Shed Give Away

Earlier this year we were presented with the opportunity to work with WKOA Lafayette K105 radio station to install a solar array on a She Shed. The station is going to use the shed as a promotion and give it away to one of their listeners. Each day of the week, caller number 5 will […]

Solar at our Lafayette Office

Huston Solar installed a 7.7 kWAC Solar system on top of our newly remolded Pre-fabrication building at our Lafayette location. The design and installation of this system will ultimately make this building net-zero for electrical consumption. Huston sees the value in generating alternative energy for our company as well as the environment. This is the […]

West Lafayette Carport

Huston Solar installed a 7.0 kWDC fixed-tilt solar array on top of a carport in West Lafayette, IN. This array is part of a complete 10 kWAC solar system that we completed for the homeowner. By utilizing the open, flat space on top of the carport, we were able to design and build a racking […]

Designing Solar Arrays to Best Utilize Your Sun Exposure

Huston Solar installed a 9.0 kWAC ground mount solar system for a homeowner in North Vernon, IN. As part of the design and development of this project, we spent time with the homeowner discussing the pros and cons of different solar array types. We provide several different types of mounting and racking systems for your […]

Huston Partners To Provide Solar Array For Education

Huston Electric installed a 3.0 kWAC ground mount solar system at Jefferson High School in Lafayette, IN. A large portion of this project was donated by Huston Electric and Bowen Engineering Corporation and will be maintained by Huston Solar for the life of the system. The solar array is now fully-functioning and will be used […]