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Looking for a Top Rated and Reliable Solar Company Near You?

Residential Solar Panels and Solar Battery Backup

Have you thought about installing solar panels for your business or institution?

Huston Solar is a turn-key solar developer and installer. We will handle all the local jurisdiction permitting, interconnection agreements with the utilities, and are designed to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. We partner with some of the best solar engineers to produce detailed drawings that can be approved and stamped for any project.

Commercial Solar Systems
Commercial Solar System Installations
Solar Design and Installation
Solar Design
& Installation

Residential solar installation can provide a number of benefits for homeowners. It can help reduce energy costs, increase your home’s value, and help protect the environment. Solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that can help to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. Your residential solar panels installation can be an excellent investment for any homeowner interested in reducing their energy costs and saving money on their utility bills.

Solar Battery Backup Systems
Residential Solar Panels and Solar Battery Backup

Our solar battery backup installation service can provide peace of mind knowing that your solar panels will continue to work even when the power goes out. This is an important consideration for any homeowner who relies on solar power for their home’s energy needs. A battery backup system can ensure that your home has a reliable source of power during an outage and can help to protect your investment in solar energy.

Huston Solar is a leading provider of solar installation and battery backup services. We have extensive experience in helping homeowners to install and maintain their solar systems.


New Constructions Solar Systems

As one of Indiana’s leading residential solar companies, Huston Solar can help you take advantage of solar energy for your new construction project. We will work with you to design and install a solar system that meets your energy needs and budget.  Our New Construction Solar team has the experience and expertise to help you make the most of solar energy for your property.

Residential Solar Maintenance Services

Huston Solar offers maintenance agreements to help keep your solar system in top condition. Our maintenance agreement includes periodic inspections of your system, cleaning of your panels, and repairs as needed. This agreement can help to ensure that your solar system continues to operate at peak efficiency and can help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

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Residential Solar Services
We Provide:

Commercial Solar and Battery Backup Systems Installation - Ground Mounted System

Customer Testimonials

Our company is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency

Many years ago, when we first started looking at solar, our purpose was to continue our goal of caring for our planet. We live in a rural area, have a well for water, and heat with wood. However, we were still ‘on the grid’ for electricity. We spoke with several companies before we decided to move forward with Huston Solar for the installation of our system. We have never questioned our decision to work with Huston Solar. We appreciate that they are a local company in Indiana, with a strong family-owned business history. Every single person we were in contact with from Huston Solar, were professional and kind. While there were several hoops needed to jump through to connect with the electric company in our area, since the bi-directional meter was needed, Huston took care of all the details, with professionalism and courtesy. The battery back-up, which was the newest available technology available at the time, works like a charm! The monitoring software is delightful - we enjoy watching how each panel produces, how the batteries store fuel, and how much energy we consume. Our representative from Huston Solar, Chris Boyles, kept us informed through-out the entire process, and worked within our schedule and budget. He works with a great team! We recommend anyone interested in a professional solar installation, to contact Huston Solar!

Dale S - Anderson Homeowner 10 kw roof mount solar system and energy storage system in Anderson, IN

“We would like to thank everyone at Huston Solar for the PV array installed on our rooftop. The process was painless! They handled all the logistics, interconnection agreement, permits and engineering plans. They also came in under budget! Any questions or concerns I have had they have promptly answered or fixed. I really enjoy the monitoring software to see how much power we are producing and consuming. Thanks for helping us have some energy independence!”

Drew R. -Indy Homeowner 5.12 kw roof mount solar system

"I’m thrilled with our new PV array (first one on the block)! Huston Solar did a great job every step of the way, from creating the installation proposal to completing the job. I’m happy to recommend their services – I’ve already recommended to several friends and acquaintances. I encourage you to give them a call."

David K. – West Lafayette Homeowner 4.56 kw roof mount solar system

“Just wanted to thank everyone involved in the solar panel array installation Huston Solar completed at my residence! Thank you all so much, I truly mean it! It was done very professionally and exceeded any expectations I had!"

Eric F. - North Vernon Homeowner 10 kw ground mount solar system in North Vernon, IN

"We, wanted to thank you for the great job and attention to detail you and the team at Huston Solar were able to give us through the installation of the PV arrays and back-up generators. We understand it can be challenging to navigate through the many details required to secure interconnection, design and maximize an efficient PV system, and get a project installed on time and under budget. Thank you very much to you and Huston Electric. Our solar array is working great and exceeding our electric generation expectations. You have a great team!"

Nick M. - West Lafayette Homeowner 10 kw rooftop solar systems in West Lafayette, IN

Our Solar Installation Process


We gather information then create a custom proposal and contract for you to sign.


We review your structure and create engineering designs specific to your home.


We attain the utility and permit approvals.


We install and adjust the NEW solar energy system!


Your system is operational and savings start rolling in!


We invite you to take part of our referral program and to let us know if you need anything else.

Huston Solar Is Your Turnkey Solar Installer

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Why Choose Huston Solar?

  • Easy financing options with $0 down
  • Wide range of different options for the homeowner
  • Get the industry’s top technology and warranties
  • On-site efficiency inspections
  • Work with a local electrical contracting company with 24/7 service
  • Put the power bill back in your hands
  • Take advantage of the Federal Tax credit

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Huston Solar : Rated As One of Indiana’s Top Residential Solar Companies