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Common Issues Found During a Solar Panel Inspection

Did you know that the US solar sector reached a milestone in the first quarter of 2023? Solar energy capacity increased by 47% to 6.1 gigawatts-direct current (GWdc). As the solar business grows, it is critical to ensure that these installations are done correctly.

The landscape of renewable energy is always changing. As a result, solar power has emerged as a main player in reducing our carbon footprint.

As solar panel installations become popular, ensuring their best performance is paramount. This is where a solar panel inspection comes in.

Below we discuss solar panel inspections and shed light on the common problems that come with it.

Why Have a Solar Panel Inspection?

A solar panel inspection is vital when you have a solar panel installation. It ensures solar energy systems’ efficiency and lifespan.

Just as regular health checkups are vital to you, the same goes for a solar panel.

The inspection serves a similar purpose for your solar energy setup. These inspections are crucial for commercial solar systems. This ensures they operate optimally and deliver the promised benefits.

Common Solar Panel Problems

A critical part of a solar panel inspection is identifying frequent problems that block the system’s performance. Some of these issues can include the following:

Accumulation of Dirt and Debris

A solar panel system is installed outdoors, typically on a roof. It goes without saying that being outdoors, it faces the elements. Over time, it can accumulate any of the following:

  • Dust and leaves
  • Bird droppings
  • Other debris

This reduces their ability to absorb sunlight. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain peak efficiency.

Faulty Wiring

Wiring problems can lead to energy losses or even system failures. Inspections identify the following:

  • Frayed wires
  • Loose connections
  • Improper installations

All these can compromise the entire solar system.

Inverter Malfunctions

Inverters are crucial in converting solar energy into usable electricity. Malfunctions in inverters can lead to energy production issues. As a result, this could lead to timely replacements or repairs.

Cracked or Damaged Panels

Physical damage, such as cracks or chips on the solar panels, can significantly reduce their efficiency. By inspecting the panels, you can detect any damage and recommend the necessary repairs.

Shading Issues

Trees, nearby buildings, or other obstacles casting shadows on solar panels can have a great effect and negatively affect energy production. Inspectors assess shading patterns and suggest corrective measures.

Loss of Quality Over Time

Like any technology, solar panels get old and lose their quality over time. A thorough inspection can assess the degradation rate and provide information on the need for panel replacements.

Trends in Solar Panel Inspections

The field of solar panel inspections is constantly evolving to match the advancements in solar technology. Staying updated with these trends is essential for both solar energy system owners and professionals in the industry:

Remote Monitoring and Data Analytics

With the rise of technology, remote tracking, and data analytics have changed how solar panel maintenance is done. Real-time data collection lets problems be found early and fixed quickly.

Inspections Using a Drone

Drones equipped with high-resolution cameras have changed the way of solar panel inspections. They can swiftly cover large areas, capturing detailed images that help identify even minor defects.

The Use of Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging technology detects “hot spots” on solar panels. These hot spots can indicate malfunctioning cells. If these malfunctioning cells are left unaddressed, it could lead to significant energy losses.

Predictive Maintenance

Today we have the technology of data analytics and machine learning. These help with predictive maintenance. Solar panel models with this technology can forecast when specific components might fail.

This proactive method cuts down on downtime and keeps energy production steady.

Professional Solar Panel Inspection Services

While solar panel maintenance may appear simple, the intricate details highlight the need for professional inspection services. Here is why:

Expertise and Trained Technicians

Trained inspectors can identify even subtle issues that could affect energy production. Their keen eye can prevent problems from becoming bigger.

Safety Concerns

Solar panel systems involve electrical components. Professionals are trained in safety measures. This ensures that inspections are conducted without risks to anyone.

Full Analysis

A professional inspection goes beyond visual checks. It involves a full in-depth inspection. For example, data collection, analysis, and interpretation to offer a full assessment of the functionality of your solar panel system.

Quick Solutions

Professional inspectors give suggestions on what can be done to correct any anomalies. For example, any of the following:

  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Necessary repairs
  • Component replacements

This ensures timely solutions to maintain the best performance of your solar panels.

The Cost Factor and Long-Term Benefits

One question often arises is the cost associated with solar panel inspections. While there’s an upfront expense, viewing it as an investment rather than a mere cost is essential.

Regular inspections can prevent potential issues from snowballing into costly problems. In the long run, these inspections will safeguard your long-term energy bills and maintenance savings.

In the grand scheme of things, inspections cost little compared to the benefits of efficient solar energy generation and reduced environmental impact. Also, the information you get from inspections helps you decide when to upgrade parts or consider adding to the system.

Powering Up a Brighter Tomorrow!

To maximize solar energy’s potential, your panels must function well. Solar panel inspections stand as the bridge between efficient production and unforeseen problems.

A solar energy system can be a significant investment. However, proper maintenance through inspections ensures it remains a valuable asset for years to come.

Are you looking to unlock the power of solar energy for your business? Contact us for a quote! Our solar experts customize cutting-edge solutions to meet your business’s demands.

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