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How to Maximize Energy Production with an Enphase Solar System

More than half of the new power-generating capacity in 2023 will be solar. Solar energy can be a significant asset for your organization. It can improve cash flow and protect against rising energy costs.

A solar system can increase the value of your business. You can take advantage of tax credits and incentives.

Installing an Enphase solar system can give you a competitive edge. To get the most benefits, though, you need to maximize your energy production.

Learn more about how an Enphase solar system can give you the best performance.

Basic Steps to Improve Efficiency

Solar cell efficiency is the percentage of solar energy shining on a panel that the cells convert into usable electricity. In other words, a more efficient solar system produces more energy. Several basic steps will increase the efficiency of your solar panels.

First, keep your solar panels clean. Dust or other contaminants prevent sunlight from reaching the solar cells.

Second, try to limit the amount of shade that covers the solar panels. For example, you may need to trim nearby trees.

A final step is to be sure that the solar panels have enough airflow. High temperatures reduce the voltage. Extreme temperatures can even damage the cells.

You need space between solar panels and the roof surface.

Maximize Solar Energy Production with Enphase Microinverters

Enphase commercial solar systems give you more ways to maximize energy production. They use innovative microinverter technology. Microinverters give Enphase systems an advantage over systems with traditional string inverters.

Inverters convert the DC energy that the solar panel produces into AC power that your business can use.

String inverters use a central inverter for all solar panels. The solar panels are wired together to connect to the inverter. The lowest-performing panel determines the production of the whole system.

Microinverters are very small. They attach to each solar panel and work individually.

Get the Best Performance from Each Panel

Enphase microinverters have several features that help maximize your energy production. A major advantage of microinverters is that they work independently.

If one panel has lower output, it doesn’t affect the other panels. The remaining panels can continue to operate at their maximum power point.

Place Solar Panels for Optimal Production

Microinverters let you optimize the placement of your solar panels. String inverters usually allow only two or three orientations. You can’t use more than two groups of panels.

With Enphase microinverters, you can place solar panels on different sections of roofing. You can install panels on complex roof layouts. Different orientations and tilt angles are possible.

The flexibility of an Enphase solar system lets you take advantage of the benefits of your location while minimizing the disadvantages.

Use Enphase Burst Mode

The inverters in your Enphase solar system try to reach the Maximum Power Point (MPP) at any given time. This means that the system is producing as much power as possible.

Tracking the MPP is challenging because it always changes. If the system doesn’t react quickly enough to changing conditions, electricity production can suffer.

Enphase developed Burst Mode to address this challenge. Microinverters already have an advantage because they track only one panel at a time. Burst Mode provides additional benefits by micro-scanning the voltage in each cycle, and releasing “spare” energy when needed.

This technology lets each microinverter produce more AC power than the DC voltage would allow for that time frame. It also keeps the conversion efficiency higher. The system doesn’t waste energy trying to convert amounts of DC power that are too small.

Micro Burst is especially useful at times of lower light and/or high temperatures.

Increase Production through Reliability

Downtime in your solar power system can cause a significant loss of production. The reliability you get from Enphase is critical.

Enphase systems have a NEMA 6 rating. The NEMA rating tells you to what degree an electrical enclosure is safe in wet locations. The NEMA 6 rating means that Enphase microinverters can withstand temporary submersion in water.

FEMA has specifically recommended technology like Enphase for use in locations that face severe weather.

The use of microinverters means that an Enphase system doesn’t have a single point of failure. If one panel or microinverter has a problem, it doesn’t cause a loss of production.

Enphase microinverters undergo intense testing. The company conducts more than a million hours of power-on testing. Enphase microinverters come with an industry-leading warranty of up to 25 years.

Optimize Your Enphase Solar System with Monitoring

Each Enphase system provides excellent monitoring capabilities. The microinverters let you see the performance of individual panels. You can also see the entire system.

The monitoring hub allows for remote monitoring.

Enphase has a user-friendly app. You can easily track your energy production. You can also see your energy usage.

With Enphase monitoring, you can see any potential issues before they get worse. The system alerts you when any panels need attention.

Scale Up Production Easily with an Enphase System

Enphase solar systems use a distributed architecture platform. The design uses modular microinverters, allowing you to expand your system quickly and easily as your needs change.

In addition, you can add microinverters one by one, and you can increase production on a timeline that works for your business.

If you wanted to expand a system with string inverters, you would have to route all the new panels to a separate inverter. This is much more expensive and complicated to install.

Start Improving Your Energy Production with Enphase

An Enphase solar system can help you maximize your energy production. The microinverters help you get the best performance from each solar panel. You can place the panels in the best configuration for your location.

An Enphase system is extremely reliable. You get better production by avoiding downtime.

The Enphase app lets you track energy production and energy usage. The data helps you optimize your solar system.

Huston Solar is your Enphase system expert in central Indiana. We have more than 80 years of experience. Regardless of the size of your business, we can design a system to meet your needs.

Huston Solar is a turn-key solar developer and installer. We’ll provide a smooth process from start to finish. Contact us today to request a quote and start benefiting from better solar.

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