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Huston Solar Installs 1st Enphase Energy Battery System in Indiana

“Many years ago, when we first started looking at solar, our purpose was to continue our goal of caring for our planet.We live in a rural area, have a well for water, and heat with wood.However, we were still ‘on the grid’ for electricity.We spoke with several companies before we decided to move forward with Huston Solar for the installation of our system.We have never questioned our decision to work with Huston Solar.We appreciate that they are a local company in Indiana, with a strong family-owned business history.Every single person we were in contact with from Huston Solar, were professional and kind.While there were several hoops needed to jump through to connect with the electric company in our area, since the bi-directional meter was needed, Huston took care of all the details, with professionalism and courtesy.The battery back-up, which was the newest available technology available at the time, works like a charm!The monitoring software is delightful – we enjoy watching how each panel produces, how the batteries store fuel, and how much energy we consume.Our representative from Huston Solar, Chris Boyles, kept us informed through-out the entire process, and worked within our schedule and budget.He works with a great team!We recommend anyone interested in a professional solar installation, to contact Huston Solar!” -Mr. & Mrs. Stultz

Last year in the fall, we received a call from a couple, from Anderson, who were interested in installing a solar array and battery storage system at their home. They knew they wanted to invest in solar energy, but with such an investment they wanted to make sure they chose the right company to work with. They did their research in looking for the right company and stumbled upon our website. Once they learned that we are a local company that has been family-owned and operated for more than 80 years, they decided to give us a call.

After a productive phone conversation, where they provided us with all the information we needed to quote a solar energy system including their current and past kW usage; we put together a proposal. We were happy to come out to their home and propose a state-of the-art system with Enphase Energy. The proposed system included a 5kW solar array with two of Enphase Energy’s Encharge 3 batteries. They were quite impressed with our proposal and decided to move forward with us. As we were preparing for the install, they called to inform us that they want to increase the size of their system to a 10 kW solar array, one Encharge 10, and two Encharge 3 batteries. These upgrades will make their home 100% grid independent. They were adamant about making a difference in the world by becoming less dependent on the utility grid. We are happy to be able to make that idea a reality for them. We installed the solar array on an outer building on their property. Their solar array was comprised of thirty Panasonic panels and mounted to a Unirac racking system on the roof. The Enphase Ensemble Energy storage system was installed in their basement. The Enphase Ensemble system is comprised of Encharge batteries, Enpower smart switch, Enphase microinverters, and an Enphase combiner box. Inside the combiner box is an Envoy computer that is the brain of the system. This ties the whole system together and allows the homeowner to monitor every component of the system in real time. This cutting-edge technology allows the homeowner to choose if they want to use the solar energy, they stored during the day, at night or reserve it for power outages. The Stultz’s chose to use 60% of their energy at night and reserve 40% for power outages. Enphase uses the local weather database to predict serve weather that could cause power outages. If a storm is predicted it will automatically switch to 100% reserve for power outage.

When we completed their install, we had reached out to the Stultz to get some feedback on our work and process. They were quite happy with their investment and reassured us that they had indeed chose the right company to work with. Now that their solar energy system is up and running, Mr. and Mrs. Stultz can enjoy the savings and benefits of their investment throughout its long life. We thank the Stultz for their kind words and their cooperation while we worked to make their dream of energy independence a reality.

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