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Huston Solar Installs Solar Array For WKOA Lafayette She Shed Give Away

Earlier this year we were presented with the opportunity to work with WKOA Lafayette K105 radio station to install a solar array on a She Shed. The station is going to use the shed as a promotion and give it away to one of their listeners. Each day of the week, caller number 5 will be entered to win the shed. On June 8th, the winner will be revealed by a reverse-drawing on WKOA Lafayette’s Facebook page. The normal backyard shed was converted into the emerging trend of a “She Shed’. This means the shed was designed to be the female-centric alternative to a ‘Man Cave’. A She Shed is completely furnished with home décor, lighting, and useable space for hobbies such as reading or crafting. When we were contacted about powering the She Shed, it seemed to us like a perfect project to utilize the power of solar energy. By harnessing the power from the sun, we could prevent this structure from being a burden on the electrical bill by making the shed net-zero for electrical consumption.

We installed (2) 300W solar panels and micro-inverters to offset the energy used by the lights and receptacles in the She Shed. By installing solar, the promotional She Shed’s estimated energy consumption will match its estimated solar production. This is what makes this building considered net-zero. When the winner receives their new She Shed, Huston Solar will come out and hook it up to their existing electrical service and ensure that the interconnection with the electrical utility company is executed. We will also be more than happy to provide any maintenance or service in the future. Inside the Shed, a Huston electrician installed the lights fixtures and receptacles. We believe this solar-powered She Shed will be a great addition to someone’s property. We appreciate the opportunity to work with the local radio station WKOA Lafayette on this promotion.


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