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Why Commercial Solar Battery Storage is Vital in the Winter

The amount of power gathered from solar energy worldwide increased over 300-fold from 2000 to 2019. 

As the world moves towards more solar energy, storing solar batteries is vital for ensuring you have a constant energy supply. For example, cold temperatures and climates can affect commercial solar battery storage.  

So, this article will walk you through the main benefits of protecting solar batteries to help you prepare for the winter season. That way, you’ll be able to make the most of your solar batteries and reduce costs. 

Ready? Let’s get started!  

What Is Commercial Solar Battery Storage? 

Commercial solar battery storage comprises battery units often installed in the same location as a property to store and charge electricity. 

This allows you to have shelter for solar batteries and a permanent solar battery backup.  

The batteries’ Dynamic Firm Frequency Response (DFFR) will monitor and discharge the stored energy for future use. But, there are other uses for commercial solar battery storage, such as: 

  • Off-grid services 
  • Easier solar battery maintenance 
  • Control of solar battery temperature range 
  • Capture excess wind or solar energy 
  • Ability to increase or decrease electricity needs 

So, why is commercial solar battery storage vital in winter?  

Benefits of Commercial Solar Battery Storage in Winter 

During the colder months, heating and electricity bills tend to rise as people spend more time indoors. Plus, you need to increase your light usage when the days become shorter and darker.  

For example, U.S. consumers are expected to pay up to 28% more to heat homes this winter. But, commercial properties are also likely to pay more to run their business and heat the offices for employees.  

Therefore, commercial solar battery storage’s first benefit is reducing winter heating and electricity costs.  

Reduce Costs 

These storage systems are great for making the most of surplus power on-site. You can use commercial solar battery storage for lower prices at a lower rate per kWh. 

The best way to get value out of your solar system is to use battery storage, allowing you to conserve energy and keep it on-site over the winter months.  

Therefore, you can maximize your solar system and reduce overall costs. 

Reliable Energy Supply 

One of the hardest parts of winter is the unpredictable energy supply that can fluctuate when the weather is windy or there’s heavy rainfall. 

When running a commercial property, the last thing you want is a power outage. These systems will give you a predictable power supply so your business operations won’t be affected.  

Commercial solar battery storage is the only way to secure your property’s energy source in winter and will prevent you from losing money with lost time or repairs.  

Off-grid Capabilities 

Depending on your property, you might need to find creative solutions to energy supply if you’re not in a central area or urban city. 

Likewise, if you want to open a commercial business in remote locations, you must consider backup storage solutions. For instance, if you have customers over winter looking for an off-grid experience, you need to ensure a resilient energy supply. 

With this system installed, you can run a smooth business without worrying about off-grid limitations. 

Better Public Image 

Nowadays, customers and other businesses are searching for companies that value and strive towards finding environmental alternatives to energy consumption.  

Transmitting electricity from location to location can be expensive and lead to excess waste. You’ll invest in energy you’re not using in the long term.  

Therefore, commercial solar battery storage will enable you to use energy carefully without mindlessly wasting extra power. So, you can limit costs to protect the environment.  

Plus, these systems will enhance your public image and attract positive attention in winter. That way, your company will benefit from increased awareness of your environmentally-friendly practices.  

Winter Tips for Solar Batteries 

Even though colder temperatures can be suitable for batteries, they can help hold a charge and slow down the discharge phase. The only reason that cold temperatures can be damaging is when the batteries are overused.  

For instance, cold temperatures can slow the chemical reactions inside a battery, where the electrical current is supplied. If the current is limited, it will reduce the energy storage capacity.  

This can be bad for your commercial solar battery storage in the winter when the weather changes. So, keeping the batteries warm as much as possible is essential. As a general rule, the best temperature for batteries is 77°F, but there may be slight variations of several degrees. To guarantee that your stored batteries remain warm in wintertime and stay protected against low temperatures, you can use a commercial solar battery storage system which offers extra insulation and warmth. This way, you never have to worry about cold weather negatively impacting your stored batteries. 

Possible Issues To Look Out For 

There are not many issues to worry about when taking care of commercial solar battery storage units, but one possible problem is incorrect installation.  

If the units are not installed properly, you won’t be able to benefit from reduced energy costs and leftover energy use. So, it’s essential that you need to hire a professional when installing these systems. 

Another potential issue is overbuilding and too many storage units in one place. A professional will be able to give you suggestions for property and what is the best amount of storage for your needs.  

Our team has years of experience when it comes to handling solar solutions for a range of properties. 

Solar Solutions for Commercial Properties 

Winter can cause many business issues when the weather changes and problems arise from the colder temperatures. But you don’t want to backtrack on your efforts to be more environmentally friendly.  

A commercial solar battery storage unit will protect you from extreme weather conditions and reduce winter bills. So, you can invest more in the future of your business without rising energy costs.  

Talk to us to learn more about our solar solutions and services so we can work together to find the right fit for your property.  

Contact us here, and let’s chat. 

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