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Troubleshooting Common Problems With Your Solar Electrical Panel System

Are you looking for ways to save money for your business? Installing a solar panel system is a great way to cut costs and reduce your environmental impact. Commercial property owners usually cut their energy costs by around 75% after installing solar panels.

Your solar electrical panel system is designed to last for many years. They are mostly maintenance-free. There might be times when you run into problems with your solar panel system.

This article will discuss some of the top problems you can encounter with various types of solar systems. Partner with an experienced solar panel company like Huston Solar for all your maintenance needs.

Overheating Solar System

Solar panel systems can be affected if your business is in an area that experiences excessive heat. Solar panels get tested at temperatures up to 77°. The outside temperature can affect the panel’s efficiency by 10 to 25%.

Your solar panels will begin to underperform as the temperature starts to rise into the 80s, 90s, and beyond. High temperatures can affect parts of your solar panel system, causing them to break down faster.

There are certain solar panels that are designed to perform smoothly in higher temperatures. Working with an experienced solar panel company can ensure you purchase the right type for your area and commercial building. The technician can diagnose why your current panels are underperforming.


Your solar panel system might be dealing with a low-power situation if you’re not getting the amount of energy your system is rated for. There are a few reasons why you might be experiencing this.


The solar panels on your commercial building might be blocked by nearby trees or buildings. There might not have been any tall trees when you had your solar panel system installed. Work with solar panel companies bi-annually to check the placement of trees and their branches.


Your solar electrical panel system might have some defects that are resulting in it not producing enough power. Common defects that can occur include:

  • Snail Trails: Discolored or dark patterns caused by chemical reactions within the panel
  • Hotspots: Panels become overheated due to manufacturing defects, dirt, or localized shading
  • Microcracks: Tiny cracks caused by mechanical stress during transportation or installation
  • Delamination: The layers in the panel start to separate

It can be challenging to find out what defects you’re dealing with. Calling a solar panel company will ensure your system receives a proper diagnosis.

Solar Inverter Failure

The inverter in your solar panel system is the most common part to fail. Your inverter works alongside your panels, converting the energy they gather into usable electricity for your business. Most solar inverters last around a decade.

Solar inverters require regular firmware and software updates. The inverter manufacturer will sometimes release an update that can remotely fix common problems with them.

There are a few issues that might occur with your inverter, such as:

  • Overheating
  • Faulty installation
  • Failure to restart
  • Isolation fault

One of the signs your inverter might be having issues is you notice your electricity bill being higher. Another sign is a red or orange light instead of a green one. You’ll need to call a solar panel professional to diagnose what’s going on with your inverter.

Not Maintaining Your Panels

One of the great things about solar panel systems is that they don’t require a ton of maintenance. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do any upkeep during their lifespan.

Solar Panel Cleaning

You should schedule cleaning for your commercial solar panels at least two to four times each year. Dirt and debris can accumulate on your panels, even if they’re tilted. Rainwater can wash some of it away, but you need a more thorough cleaning to ensure it continues performing efficiently.

You shouldn’t try to clean your solar panels yourself. Many systems are installed on the roofs of commercial buildings, making it dangerous for most people to attempt to access them. You might use too high water pressure or a cleaning solution that could damage your panels.

Problem Diagnosis

Prevent unexpected and serious issues with your solar panels by having them evaluated many times each year. For example, a solar panel technician can identify cracks that are starting to form on your panels. They can address the issues before they cause more serious damage.

Performance Check

A solar panel specialist will evaluate the performance of your battery and inverter during a maintenance appointment. They’ll let you know if those parts need to be serviced or replaced. Additionally, they can work with the manufacturer to see if the item is still under warranty.

Battery Backup Issues

Your solar panel system comes equipped with a backup battery. This battery stores power for your business to use in the future. Your solar battery backup system can often start to underperform due to many issues.


Your battery won’t be able to fully hold a charge as it gets older. Defects, damage, and shortened lifespan can decrease the available power output and backup runtime.

Connection Problems

Corroded or loose wires can result in connection problems with your solar panel battery. Faulty wiring can prevent your battery from properly charging.

Environmental Elements

Other factors, like excessive shading and heat, can prevent your battery from holding a charge. As we talked about earlier, overly high temperatures can affect the battery like it does the panels.

Problems with your solar panel battery can be challenging to diagnose with the naked eye. Getting a solar panel technician on the scene right away will help remedy the problem.

Get Help Fixing Your Commercial Solar Electrical Panel in Indiana

Your solar electrical panel system is built to last many years. Staying on top of its maintenance and monitoring its performance will ensure you avoid serious issues. Partner with an experienced solar panel business to set up a preventative maintenance schedule.

Huston Solar is the leading commercial solar panel repair company in Indiana. Call one of our offices in Lafayette, Kokomo, or Indianapolis, to schedule a consultation. We’ll send out one of our solar panel technicians right away to your commercial location.

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